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is it just a series of impulses or something tangible? [entries|friends|calendar]

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Middlebury is stalking me [31 Dec 2006|02:17am]
[ mood | awake ]

I thought this was pretty weird...


Down at December 16th's entry, the word "weren't" is linked to my livejournal. Creepy? A bit.
And I was too surprised, so nyeh.

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[23 Dec 2006|05:38pm]
After working at a book store during the Christmas season, I have become a professional gift wrapper. Let me know if you have any items to wrap.

Over Hannukah I got a few gift cards, books, and a sewing machine named Sew Petite. She is very small & can't wait to make the projects like this and the ones in this book, which has turtles & dinosaurs. I want to make a Bison B. Bison Jr.

Soon I get to go to my grandmother's house for family Christmas. These family things always suck because the only people who come on time are me, my mom, and my aunt, so the whole things ends up taking about 3 hours. A few years ago I got Christmas-themed cheese knives from my grandmother, and last year she gave me paper napkins. ¡¿Maybe this time I will get some cups?!

I feel pretty confident about my lit paper. It compares Kate from Wittgenstein's Mistress to Penelope in the Odyssey. I think it's pretty neat. But every time I feel confident about an assignment or test, I always do poorly, so I'm trying not to feel too confident about it.

255 days til I start school. Yelling "Go Panthers" isn't really as fun as "WOOOOOOOOOOPIGSOIEEMOTHERFUCKERS," but I'll deal.
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My favorite story [16 Dec 2006|06:57am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Once upon a time, I got accepted to Middlebury.

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[14 Nov 2006|11:46pm]
I think that secretly, I like to procrastinate to see if I can pull it off anyways.

Also secretly, I hope I don't get accepted to any school so I can stay in Arkansas and be safe and comfortable and loved.
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[23 Oct 2006|07:29pm]
I know that everyone wishes they were in my math class, so here are some quotes for the day:

"I really want to see that new movie with the cute dress."
"Marie Antoinette?"
"Me too. But it'll be sad when she gets beheaded in the end."
"Omigod don't ruin it for me!!"

"I'm going into pre-med, so I don't have to take a lot of math and science."

"Mrs. Thomas, did you know that you + me = love?"

I'm going to start writing them down. This reminds me of the website that Molly posted a while back that has overheard conversations. I think I'd like to dedicate a little notebook to things like that. But I think someone I know has already done something similar...
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Ask me about my Birkenstocks [16 Oct 2006|11:12pm]
Everything is A-OK and going my way!

01 I got to go see the Yeah Yeah Yeahs last week, and let me tell you Karen O is insane and wonderful and perfect.
02 Lauren, Reed, Gideon and I went to to the mall. When I spend 3 hours at the mall and don't buy anything, I get to feel like I'm in the 7th grade again.
03 Miss Raven turned 18, which means she can buy me Misty Mundae porn.
04 Reed Indeed sounds good with keyboards and another guitar, and I think they should play at my grandmother's 80th birthday.
05 I got to walk into a house with purple lights and Prince playing, and then watch kittens drink milk for two hours (or twenty minutes, depending on your state of mind).
06 When I work at the book store I get to
a Read books about Amish people
b Read books that I am too embarassed to read in public
c Check Facebook and Livejournal every five minutes
07 Indiana and Celine are coming tomorrow, which means Martin & I get to play baby. (my favorite game!)
08 I will leave Fayetteville at 7am Friday and leave Middlebury at 4.30am on Sunday. These times are actually not going my way. But at least Joanne is making me a "crunchy" shirt (which she'd better do... [ask me about my campus tour outfit]). I may be hiking up to Middlebury with Robert Ragsdale some time in the future. I think that going to college with Robert would strengthen our sisterhood.
09 I don't have school next Tuesday, which means that I will be spending the day in Tulsa seeing "The Science of Sleep" (dude this is the Science of Sleep) and Jenny Lewis. Yes!
10 In two weeks I have: CAT TV Halloween Dance Party, the ACT, Slutty & Bloody Halloween party, Roller Derby, hoe-down at Sammi's land, and working at a Haunted House. My life is busy. And good.
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[02 Oct 2006|09:00pm]
So I am basically obsessed with looking at college crap. I think it's because it's close enough to be attainable, but not so close that I'm freaking out about deadlines.

The best thing to do when you're nervous about being accepted to Middlebury is to take advice from Lesbian co-workers who tell you to notice how all the little things seem to suggest it will work out. Like when you picked up that Judy Blume book randomly and the first sentence you read was "Well, I think I'm applying to Middlebury." Or how the background color of your LiveJournal is identical to Middlebury's website. Or how you get to go and stay with this really cool girl October 20-22 and go to Homecoming games and parties and see beatiful Vermont.

Ah ah ah ah ah. Go go Ms Cox and Mr Norberg. Write good recommendations.

I am keeping calm.

This Friday at noon-ish on the square is FHS's homecoming parade, and Litmag will be competing to win the float contest. I won't disclose all of the details, but I'll give you a few hints: Environmentally conscious, hairspray, vines, and Guns N' Roses. Plus there might be a special appearance by a smoke machine. DECA, GSA and 36 Club can kiss my ass. That prize is ours.
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[27 Aug 2006|06:44pm]
So now this is posting to Facebook? Hm. Well, I've decided to make some entries public, so they can be read there (even though what I write, when I finally do, it's nothing interesting).

Friday I made brownies with Martin at the Plantation and talked with all the people that dropped by. (Poll to all readers: If you go back in time and have sex with yourself, does that make you gay? I think it's kind of incestuous...) Then Martin, Grant, and I went to Patrick's house (I drove!!) where I had some grapey-flavored rum and coke and watched Chucky. It is good to feel like I am making new friends while keeping my old ones. German Martin is fun and good at Tribond.

Yesterday I ate spaghetti at home and chicken fingers at Hugo's, got a free massage from Sammi's mom, and sat around with Martin, Joe, and Paul drinking Samuel Adams Octoberfest and 1554.

Today I saw LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE go see it now. It is almost completely worth it for the talent portion of the competition. Also, the kid that looks like Benny Royce is in it.

He looks the most like Benny in The Girl Next Door.

Tomorrow I start working at Nightbird books and I am very excited. It is the next step in becoming responsible.
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friends only [25 Jan 2005|07:07pm]

Please comment to be added if you aren't already.
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